Side Project Album Discography

Scarlet - Return To Zero

Released Summer / Autumn 1987      Running time: 46:28

Pop Rock with elements of Prog Rock

This was the first ever band recording album project I was involved with. It was available on cassette tape only.


Laurie Anderson: Vocals
Reggie Martin: Bass, keyboards and drum programming
Slang: Electric and acoustic guitars and drum programming.

Track Listing

1) Agapy e Lefta
2) Flying Back To You
3) I'll Take You Away
4) The Hot Line
5) I.C.A.Y.
6) Winning Again
7) Blind Sentiments
8) Call It Rock and Roll
9) Captured Freedom
10) Remembrance

Tracks 6 & 9 written by Anderson/Lang
Track 7 written by Martin
Track 5 written by Martin/Lang
All others written by Slang

Produced and engineered by Martin/Lang

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