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Ice Breaker

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Released March 9. 2015      Running time: 59:59

Progressive metal soundscapes.


David Pastorius: Bass guitar on "Quaff"
Erica Romeo and Dan Palladino chant vocals on "Quaff" and "Jets"
Slang: All guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming

All songs written by Slang
Produced, mixed and mastered by Slang.

Album cover illustration by Konstantin Klementsov
Album cover concept by Slang

Track Listing:

1)  Fata Morgana
2)  The Shield
3)  Rad
4)  Quaff
5)  Tipsy
6)  Castaway
7)  Cyclops
8)  Same Same
9)  Nonsuch
10) Molten Metal Lava
11) Jets
12) Auroa Borealis