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Gut String Memoirs

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Released September 17. 2013      Running time: 36:01

Nouveau flamenco and world music instrumentals


Pierre Grill: B3 Organ and Accordion on "Bangka To Station 3"
Dan Palladino and Michael Vick: chant vocals on "Jalapeno Jam"
Slang: All guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming and percussion

All songs written by Slang
Produced, mixed and mastered by Slang.
Album cover photo and artwork by Slang

Track Listing:

1) Bangka To Station 3
2) Magic Hat
3) Be One
4) Lullaby for Jan
5) Echoes of Tabon
6) Sand Steps To Twilight
7) Wat Lok Molee
8) Jalapeno Jam

Official Video : Wat Lok Molee