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Artists for Charity - Guitarists 4 the Kids

Released September 11, 2006      Running time: 79:65

Over 18 international artists contributed to the recording project to assist World Vision Canada

Track Listing

1) Guitarists 4 the Kids
Guitar solos by Tommy Merry, Joy Basu, Dave Martone, Dan Palladino, Micheal Vick, Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Terry Lauderdale, Ron Thal - Rhythm guitar by Slang, Bass guitar by Ryan Conroy, Trumpet by Terry Townson, Saxophone by Steve Hilliam, B3 organ by Darryl Havers, Drums by Jovan

2) Blind by Stevie Salas
3) S'ok by Dramagods
4) Toccata in Dm by Toy Dolls
5) This Spring Release 10, 000 Butterflies by Ottmar Liebert
6) Journey to Alcazaba by Johannes Linstead
7) Highway by Alice Stuart
8) I'm Buzzed by Steve Lukather
9) Breaking by Bumblefoot
10) Zoo Me by Mattias "IA" Eklundh
11) Fargo by Neil Zaza
12) Falafel à Montségur by Pierre Bensusan
13) At the End of Time by Robert Fripp

Produced and arranged by Slang